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braft call graph

This is the call graph of braft, an industrial grade raft implementation, which may help you understand braft better, I guess.

I made it several months ago with dot-lang (graphviz), and build the svg with my graphviz plugin, the nodes are clickable.

I also have made call graphs of other projects such as thrift, brpc and etc.. They will be posted when I have time to eliminate the parts that are not proper for publication.


  • each enclosed shape is called a node
    • ellipse for procedure
    • square for note/comment
  • solid arrow for “sync” call/procedure
  • dash connection or dash arrow for “async” call/procedure or something that is indirectly associated, e.g., background thread, queue of a thread pool
  • number on the connection means process sequence
  • element in red color means important

(click this image to get svg view with interaction)

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